Education: Cast and Splint Care
Instructions for the first 48 hours after application
Keep your arm or leg elevated above the level of your heart.
Move your fingers/toes repeatedly

Instructions for your cast
Leave the cast open to air for the first 48 hours
DO NOT bear weight on the cast for the first 48 hours
Rough edges of the cast may be honed with a nail file.

General cast/splint instructions
Do not place any objects inside the cast/splint.
Do not use any object to reach inside the cast/splint to scratch with as this may open or create a wound and cause an infection.
Cleanse the skin around the cast/splint every day.
Do not cut or trim the cast/splint.  If it bothers you, consult your doctor.
Use crutches if indicated. Do not hop around.
Allow several periods during the day and night for elevation, on pillows, of the extremity in the cast/splint to minimize inflammation.

Call your doctor if any of these symptoms occur
Swelling or numbness or unusual tightness under the cast
Sore areas under the cast/splint
Inability to move fingers/toes, pain, or discoloration
Constant burning pain or a foul odor coming from within the cast/splint
Decreased sensation in the fingers/toes or cold to the touch
any object gets into the cast/splint

In case you have a concern, call our office at 954-735-3535

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